Tamarind Juice Concentrate

We manufacture and export the best quality tamarind juice concentrate made from a reddish brown tamarind (imli) fruit. It is used as a condiment in culinary preparations throughout South Africa. Handpicked tangy tamarinds are first washed, cooked in water and refined. Further, the fleshy pulpy ripe juice is fed into a vacuum concentrator to obtain the desired tamarind juice concentrate.

Quality tamarind juice concentrate or imli concentrate contains all the nutritional and health benefits. We ensure that during the manufacturing process the natural flavour of the fruit remains intact. It is difficult to find fresh tamarind year round making tamarind concentrate a popular product across the country.

Multipurpose Trade” quality processing standards and food technologists guarantee hygienic, convenient and tasteful products. Our tamarind concentrate contains a sour-fruity flavour which is used in dishes like soups, sauces, marinades, chutneys and even certain beverages.