Passion Fruit Pulp


Passion fruit pulp is manufactured from freshly harvested passion fruits found abundantly in the arable regions of North-East South Africa. Passion fruits become suitable for processing into pulp when the greenness of its peel disappears and the outer skin becomes smooth or slightly ripened.
The yellow coloured passion fruit, also known as purple granadilla fruit is processed in a pulping machine where this deliciously aromatic, flavoured and thick textured fresh passion fruit pulp is filled directly into the containers and packed without any additives.

No sugar, water or preservatives are added in our passion fruit pulp, rendering an amazingly natural taste to yoghurt, ice-creams, jams, jellies and desserts. Passion fruit pulp is rich in vitamins A and C, and is a good source of potassium, carbohydrate, phosphorus and iron. We are leading exporters and manufacturers of finest quality passion fruit pulp that can be used in a wide variety of food and beverage products.