Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate

We manufacture passion fruit juice concentrate from succulent purple and yellow passion fruits. Passion fruit concentrate is rich in vitamins A and C, minerals like potassium and iron, and also contains numerous cancer fighting agents.

Passion fruit grows in abundance across Northeast South Africa.  Multipurpose Trade has capitalized this geographic abundance by setting up a production unit in this part of the country. We have large-scale juice extraction and processing equipment which is specially designed to retain the freshness, wholesomeness and unique qualities of passion fruit. Passion fruit juice concentrate is manufactured under strict quality standards where the passion fruit is screened, inspected, washed and finally sent for the extraction process. Passion fruit juice is then centrifuged; air is removed to increase its longevity and it finally undergoes pasteurization.

The juice is turned into passion fruit juice concentrate with the help of innovative systems which help remove water content from the juice at low-temperatures. The processed passion fruit concentrate is then canned to the desired Brix level. At Multipurpose Trade, we manufacture and export the finest quality of passion fruit juice concentrate which can be used in making delectable sauces, desserts, candy, ice cream, sherbet, icing and filling for cakes, pies, cold fruit soup and even used in cocktails.