About Us


Descret Tradings Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is a global producer, marketer and supplier of fruits and customer-centric solutions for the beverage industry. Located in Limpopo, the heat centre of South Africa, cultivation of fruits is quite favourable and rewarding.

We at Descret Tradings Enterprise are enthusiastic and passionate about devising customer-centric solutions for the beverage industry. We’ve evolved as a renowned marketer and supplier of fruit ingredients including fruit pulp, puree, concentrate and frozen fruits. Our vertical integration strategy from the fruit pulp business has enabled us to establish our mark in the flavour compounding industry. Our 4700 sq. ft. flavour compounding unit in the heart of the fruit belt of South Africa has evolved to be a Centre of Excellence unit that nurtures creativity, innovation and research in the fruit and vegetable industry.

We are well-known for Quality and Deliverance. We have a robust logistics and supply chain mechanism. Our farms and processing centres are located in close proximity to major air and sea ports, to optimize processing time, cost and environmental impacts. To match international fruit/food safety standards, we adhere to renowned fruit/food quality and safety accreditations.

We invest in manufacturing infrastructure; have developed strong backward linkages and an intelligent network for sourcing diverse agro commodities. We have embraced the latest technologies for fruit processing to meet the evolving demands of our global customer. Digital channels for fruit traceability onset at the farm level. Organisation wide ERP and CRM level up operational efficiencies across all horizons and offer real-time service to our customers.

As we keep growing, we aspire to explore new horizons and devise new products for the global market.

Backward Integration and Supply Chain Management

  • Merging the best by revolutionizing agricultural practices that harness nature without harming an inch of it.
  • While we focus on cultivating diverse fruits at our farms, we also establish flourishing tie-ups with farmers and traders to procure quality products from the finest farms. We have an access to 12,000 acres of farmlands and tie ups with over 700 farmers for sourcing quality produce from the most fertile fruit producing regions of South Africa located in Limpopo.
  • Organised cultivation brings a daily harvest of 15-30 MT for fresh mangoes, 10-20 MT for banana, 8-10 MT for pomegranates and 15-20 MT for guavas.
  • Our agronomists regularly focus on sharing their extensive research and providing guidance to farmers about vital farming concepts like pest control, optimum use of soil and water, and use of improved cultivar.
  • Farmers are assisted with supply of globally accepted fertilizers and pesticides at subsidized rate.

Research & Development

research-and-developmentThe company has established itself strongly on the platform of Research and Development. We have a Centre of Excellence unit situated on the farm premises in Limpopo, South Africa where we conduct our research and development initiatives. Our R&D team comprising of food technologists, flavorists, microbiologists and product analysts identifies opportunities to develop and formulate new product solutions, and also provide customized solutions to our clients. We have helped our clients create custom specialties in terms of fruit juices, puree, pulp and concentrates ready to be used by the food and beverage industry or for private labelling.

We help our clients convey the concept to the marketplace. Our application lab develops and tests the applications of new products and flavours to beverage, confectionery, oral care and savoury products. This helps our customers iterate faster and enter the market early.

Our R&D initiatives include:

  • Product and Process Improvements
  • Sensory and Consumer Science Solutions
  • Cost Reduction Studies
  • Sample Production Studies
  • Flavour Controls
  • Shelf Life Studies
  • Raw Material Sourcing and Supply Chain Strategies